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Public Policy Update – Leadership is Influence. Influence Makes an Impact.

22 Sep 2020 10:03 AM | Anonymous

By: Nathan Hanson, PharmD, MS, BCPSHealthtrust Supply Chain 

Pharmacists, interns, and technicians are health care leaders - here are two ways that we can make an impact.  

5 Minutes to Make an Impact 

Do you know how to contact both of your US Senators and your US Representative in one click?  If you invest 5 minutes with ASHP you will be able to do just that.  The ASHP Action Center is a website where you register to receive updates about pressing legislative issues, making it very simple to send expertly-written form emails at the times when they will have the greatest impact.  Click here today - it only takes a few minutes to register yourself and enter your information.  Only your email and zip code will be required for future logins.  

The Impact of Social Justice 

Social Justice is an issue that is so deep and broad that it can feel overwhelming.  But for me, the starting point is pretty simple - caring for people.  Each of us work for organizations that have 'caring' as part of our core mission.  Ours is "Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life."  Each of us work for organizations that have respect as part of our core values.  If we each model caring and respectful thoughts, words, and actions, that is a good place to start.   

Many of us are in roles where we can also hold others accountable for their words and actions, and we create a culture by what we call people into and what we tolerate.  Even if you are not a formal manager, you still can make an impact on your work environment.   

I think the next thing we can do is purposefully think how we can serve and build into anyone who is a step or 2 behind us on life's journey.  That may be to mentor a student, or to provide a professional development series for technicians and arrange the schedule so that they can attend.  It may be to invest in that younger leader who has potential.  Or to meet routinely with a technician or intern and provide the type of career guidance that you have received from family, friends, and mentors in your life.  It may be to go to bat for your technicians to get them a raise that pays them for the value they provide.  In this way we are spreading justice and mercy and care and respect to everyone, and you will certainly help the ones who have been dealt a less favorable hand by life.  And it is always helpful to remember the words, "Be kind - everyone you meet is facing a hard battle."   

If you are interested in ASHP’s work on this topic, stay tuned to the ASHP Task Force on Racial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and reach out to me to get involved with the Public Policy committee. 

You Can’t Do Everything, but…  

Right now we are all busy with everything that is going on.  Focus on these 2 practical ways to make an impact on our world.   

Don’t Miss What the Public Policy Committee Has Done!   

Advocacy 101 Webinar:  This is a 1 hour webinar that gives the basics about advocating for our patients at the legislative level and at the regulatory level.  It is a brief tutorial of ‘how things work.’ Link 

Public Policy Updates:   

o It is our job to understand the current rules so we follow them correctly, and improve the rules, using the systems that are in place.

o The game plan for advocacy is caring, prioritization, education, and persuasion. The next step is to build our team.

o Do you know how change happens? Through the work of elected officials and votes; government employees, inspectors, and boards, and groups of thought leaders, providing best practices and direction for the profession. Legislative, Regulatory, and Associations.

o As pharmacists, we have a responsibility to stay knowledgeable and get involved to ensure that our patients get the care that they need. Especially in these uncertain times!

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