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2018-2019 Annual Report of Activities

18 Jul 2019 9:00 AM | Deleted user

Under the leadership of President Tony Huke, MSHP experienced another successful year!  The Board of Directors, which also included President-elect Alex Oschman, past-President Jeremy Hampton, secretary Elaine Ogden, and treasurer Davina Dell-Steinbeck, began the year by developing a strategic plan and worked diligently throughout the year to carry it out.  Key accomplishments included:

  • Inducting the first officers of Southeast Missouri Society of Health-System Pharmacists (SEMSHP).
  • Renewed collaboration with the Missouri Pharmacy Association (MPA), most notably collaborating to host a joint fall conference in 2018.  This collaboration will continue with the fall conference in St. Louis in 2019!  (Visit https://www.morx.com/conference for more info!)
  • Hosting a contest for a new MSHP logo that better reflected the society.  The new logo was revealed at the MSHP Midyear Reception!
  • Lobbying on behalf of the membership in key legislative decisions regarding the profession.  MSHP partnered with various groups, including MPA and the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA), to work towards further enhancing technician roles within Missouri.  Mid-level practitioner status was also a focus of MSHP’s legislative efforts.
  • Development of a New Practitioner Workgroup to further engage and involve this large portion of MSHP’s membership. 
  • Improved communication with the membership, including an enhanced social media presence.
  • Expanded CE opportunities, including multiple technician-centered CE webinars and an extended window for newsletter CE.

The various MSHP committees and the R&E Foundation were also hard at work throughout the year.  Below are highlights of their accomplishments:

Membership Committee

2018-2019 Chair: Ashley Evans

Each year, the MSHP Membership Committee is charged with assessing and addressing the needs of current and prospective members. The 2018-2019 committee utilized two cycles of Membership Surveys to assist in these efforts. A focus of the committee was increasing engagement of student and new practitioner members. Multiple initiatives including membership drives with the area Student Societies of Health-System Pharmacy, new graduate membership discounts, and conversion of the Resident Workgroup to a New Practitioner Workgroup helped facilitate growth in these areas. Finally, the committee helped members celebrate the organization’s new logo by providing branded tumblers for all members attending the MSHP Spring Meeting. There are several initiatives in progress that the 2019-2020 MSHP Membership Committee will continue to move forward to help meet the needs of all members!

Public Policy Committee

2018-2019 Chair:  Sarah Cox

This year, MSHP Public Policy Committee tackled several policy issues. The major tasks that were tackled are outlined below:

  • In November, citizens of Missouri voted to pass a policy that would legalize medical marijuana. The Public Policy Committee has discussed policy needs that health-systems may have and are currently researching policies that health-systems in other states have implemented.
  • USP 797 draft revisions were released for public comment. The Public Policy Committee developed comments to submit on behalf of MSHP.
  • The 2019 General Assembly had many bills related to pharmacy that would impact health-system pharmacy as a profession. The Public Policy Committee followed these bills closely, lobbied for them on behalf of the membership, and sent regular updates through E-Blasts and the MSHP Newsletter. With all of the support pharmacists provided across the state, including MSHP, there were several successful bills including:
  • Board of Pharmacy Disciplinary Procedures - allows the Missouri Board of Pharmacy to enter into voluntary compliance agreements with pharmacists. Specific language can be found on page 82 of the final bill by using this link.
  • Mandatory Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances - mandates that all controlled substances scheduled II through IV be prescribed electronically. There are a few exceptions allowed and pharmacists are not responsible for verifying whether or not written, oral, or faxed prescriptions are appropriate. Specific language can be found on page 24 of the final bill by using this link.
  • Board of Pharmacy Demonstration Projects - allows the Missouri Board of pharmacy to approve, modify, or develop demonstration or pilot projects related to either remote medication dispensing or technology assisted verification. Specific language can be found on page 82 of the final bill by using this link.
  • Tobacco Cessation Prescribing - allows pharmacists to prescribe and dispense “any nicotine replacement therapy product”. Specific language can be found on page 74 of the final bill by using this link.

It has been a pleasure to serve our MSHP membership and the Public Policy Committee is looking forward to another great year for 2019-2020.

Communications Committee

2018-2019 Chair:  Elaine Ogden

The Communications Committee continued to work on streamlining the format of the eBlast as well as reviewing content that was applicable for the entire MSHP membership.  The committee also assisted with the rebranding efforts related to the new MSHP logo.  MSHP’s social media presence was strengthened by adding an Instagram page as well as increasing content on Facebook.  The committee hopes to expand further with a LinkedIn account next year.  Another focus of the committee was utilizing new ways to highlight the accomplishments of MSHP’s members through eBlasts as well as social media.  If you have comments or suggestions to help the committee improve its efforts in the coming year, please feel free to reach out – we would love to hear them!

Newsletter Committee

2018-2019 Chair:  Sarah Cook

The Newsletter Committee is very appreciative of all of the members, students, and residents that helped to make the past year’s newsletter content so enriching.  In addition to regularly scheduled articles and updates, the six 2018-2019 newsletter issues included:

  • 15 Featured Clinical articles which were written within content areas that were selected based on results of the annual survey
  • 10 CE articles written by pharmacy residents
  • 2 articles focused on transitions of care and 1 article about precepting (with an additional precepting article in this issue) that were solicited based on member interest in these areas
  • 3 Best Practice Spotlight articles regarding antimicrobial stewardship, a long-acting injectable antipsychotic clinic, and inpatient hypoglycemia monitoring plus an additional article for students focusing on how to navigate Phase II of the ASHP match

A well as coordinating and publishing bi-monthly issues of the MSHP Newsletter, the committee focused largely on increasing accessibility to CE articles by expanding the window for CE credit for each article from 2 months to 6 months and working with the Communications Committee and Website Committee to enhance visibility and access to CE articles.

The Newsletter Committee would like to thank all who have contributed over the past year and looks forward to providing more high-quality content in the future!

Education and Programming Committee

2018-2019 Chair:  Elizabeth Englin

This year the Education & Programming Committee was able to support and provide educational opportunities to our members through various meetings. In September 2018, MSHP supported the Missouri Pharmacy Association (MPA) Annual Conference and Trade Show in Branson, Missouri and MSHP members had the opportunity to present their novel practices at the Innovative Practices Roundtable Session. Also in the fall, Education & Programming Committee members began to plan the spring annual meeting in collaboration with Illinois Council for Health-System Pharmacists (ICHP). In March, MSHP members were able to attend the 2019 Annual Conference (MSHP/ICHP) in Collinsville, Illinois which was a great success! The meeting was filled with content on the forefront of clinical pharmacy practice, networking and celebrating the achievements of MSHP members, leaders and volunteers.

Website Committee

2018-2019 Chair:  Kat Burnett

The website committee was busy throughout the year!  Major projects for the MSHP website that were undertaken included:

  • Creating a landing page for CE articles.
  • Identifying and removing non-functional links.
  • Compiling previous board member and committee chair biographies with plans to add to website.
  • Working towards having a member-only section of the website.

­Research and Education Foundation

2018-2019 Chair: Jackie Harris

The MSHP R&E Foundation’s activities for the past year included:

  • Creating a Poster Presentation submission form.  Form clearly outlined poster presentation categories and included an option for presenters to check which day they would like to present their poster. 
  • Revising poster judging criteria.
  • Updating Best Residency Project Award scoring criteria.
  • Developing a submission form for members to submit their recent publications.  Goal was set for R&E to highlight a recent publication from our members in each Newsletter issue in the upcoming year and to have a section on website highlighting publication citations. 
  • Updating MSHP R&E Foundation website with current board members and recent Foundation award winners. 
  • Awarding winners of the Missouri pharmacy schools’ clinical skill competitions (Aliie Oxford, Alexander Spillars, Kaily Kurzweil, Michelle Sproat) during the MSHP Midyear reception.
  • Selecting and recognizing the award winners for the Thomas J. Garrison Award (Amy Sipe), Best Practice Award (Journey McCarty), Best Residency Project Award (Haleigh Stolte), and Platform Presentations (Alex Meyr, Danica Balbach) at the MSHP Spring Meeting.

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