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  • May/June 2018 - A Farewell Address from Immediate Past-President Jeremy Hampton

May/June 2018 - A Farewell Address from Immediate Past-President Jeremy Hampton

18 May 2018 11:44 AM | Anonymous

A Farewell Address from Immediate Past-President Jeremy Hampton

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for helping to make this such a great year. I am extraordinarily thankful to have had the opportunity to represent such an amazing membership base and to have served alongside such an amazing Board of Directors throughout this last year. I don’t think I have the literary skills to appropriately express my gratitude, so I thought the best way to thank these exceptionally hard working volunteers would be to list their myriad accomplishments throughout the year.

Introduction of a new local affiliate membership option – This year marked the introduction of a new membership option wherein a member of any ASHP-accredited state affiliate could join one of Missouri’s four (more on that number) local affiliates without requiring concurrent MSHP membership. The thought behind this initiative was that by growing the membership roster of our local affiliates to include out-of-state members, we could expand our reach as a state-level affiliate and demonstrate firsthand the benefits of MSHP membership. We believe this will lead to an increase in our membership and a commensurate enhancement of our ability to lobby for the expansion of pharmacist roles beginning at the state level.

ASHP re-accreditation granted – In 2017 we began the process of applying for re-accreditation with ASHP. We are pleased to announce that in February of this year our application was unanimously approved by the ASHP re-accreditation board and our state affiliate status is secured for the next seven years!

Introduction of a new local affiliate for Southeast Missouri – We are very pleased to announce that, due to the very hard work of a group of pharmacists in the southeast region of the state, the Southeast Missouri Society of Health-System Pharmacists (SEMSHP) has received recognition as a Board-approved local affiliate of MSHP. If you are a pharmacist practicing in the southeast portion of Missouri, rejoice! You now have your own affiliate!

Joint Fall Conference with Missouri Pharmacy Association – We are very pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with MPA to bring you the 2018 MPA/MSHP Fall Conference being held September 6-9 at the Hilton Branson Convention Center. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity, register now! https://www.morx.com/conference

From our Communications Committee (Chair: Elaine Ogden)

We spent extensive time reformatting and updating the strategic plan

  • Created annual calendar to enhance organizational efficiency
  • Created a dashboard to track various metrics and provide baseline comparisons
  • Added more structure to communication committee which meets monthly. A large focus has been placed on spreading awareness around pharmacy via social media with the hope of expanding to additional social media platforms
  • eBlasts have been reformatted and the distribution frequency has been optimized in order to maximize information dissemination while minimizing email overload
  • Participated in the website committee to assist with updating our website

From our Public Policy Committee (Chair: Amy Benson)

The MSHP Public Policy Committee discussed the work the Hospital Advisory committee (HAC) has been completing with the Board of Pharmacy, Department of Health and Senior Services and Missouri Hospital Association (MHA). Senate bill 501 required the removal of duplicative language from the DHSS regulations. The HAC submitted its recommendations in December to remove several sections that are covered by CMS language and also provided additional language for expanded pharmacy technician roles. The HAC continues to have conversations with the Board of Pharmacy to assist in moving this language through the regulation process.

Another group is working with the Board of Pharmacy on revising the rules related to sterile compounding for pharmacies licensed under a Class H license. A recommendation has been provided to the board to clarify the steps to take if/when compounding should cease based upon CFU counts exceeding USP 797 action levels. The group will continue to work with the board to ensure public safety is improved while limiting the potential delays to patient care.

Several bills have been introduced in both the House and Senate that apply to pharmacy practice in the state.

SB 1068 – Establishes regulations for the duties of pharmacy technicians in a hospital setting. The sponsor is Senator Sater and had the first read on 2/28/18. (http://www.senate.mo.gov/18info/BTS_Web/Bill.aspx?SessionType=R&BillID=76743872)

HB 1618 – Disposal of unused controlled substances. The sponsor is Representative Barnes and is awaiting a 3rd reading. https://house.mo.gov/bill.aspx?bill=HB1618&year=2018&code=R)

SB 826 – Modifies provisions relating to pharmacy, including drug disposal, prescription limitations for controlled substance, and vaccine protocols. The sponsor is Senator Sater and has passed. http://www.senate.mo.gov/18info/BTS_Web/Bill.aspx?SessionType=R&BillID=70365560)

HB 1870 – Allows certain medications in multidose containers used by a patient during a hospital stay to be sent with the patient at discharge. The sponsor is Representative Barnes and has passed. https://house.mo.gov/bill.aspx?bill=HB1870&year=2018&code=R)

HB 1542 – Prohibits certain actions by pharmacy benefits managers. Sponsor is Representative Morris and a public hearing has been completed. https://house.mo.gov/bill.aspx?bill=HB1542&year=2018&code=R)

From our Membership Committee (Chair: Heather Taylor)

  • Published the MSHP Membership Survey results in the MSHP Newsletter
  • Cleaned up and updated the MSHP online membership database which, as many of you know has historically been suboptimal.
  • Introduced the online membership directory and a tips sheet to MSHP members
  • Offered membership discounts for new graduates/residents for a limited time to increase membership
  • Highlighted committees on the MSHP Facebook page to engage members and promote involvement in MSHP
  • Implemented monthly welcome emails to all new MSHP members by a current MSHP Membership Committee member to extend a warm welcome and invite them to get involved in a committee
  • Created new and updated membership benefit materials and distributed them to health systems and affiliates
  • Implemented a booth at MSHP Spring Meeting to highlight each committee and encourage member involvement

From our Newsletter Committee (Chair: Barb Kasper)

The MSHP Newsletter Committee worked closely with Q&A to enhance the aesthetics and publication process of the MSHP Newsletter. The newsletter now utilizes a template compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, all newsletter articles are linked to the MSHP website. Linking past articles to the MSHP website allows for past publications to be retrieved more easily and identified on search engines. Lastly, a formal process was developed to solicit, organize, and proof newsletter drafts. These changes increased on-time distribution of the newsletter.

The MSHP Newsletter Committee also sought to increase publication opportunities for students and residents across the state of Missouri. The response to these efforts has been substantial, with three of the last five issues reaching maximum capacity for submissions in the “Featured Clinical Topic” category. In total, 35 students/residents have authored/will author 31 articles between July 2017 and June 2018! Additionally, through collaboration with residency programs across the state, six of these articles provided/will provide MSHP members with six hours of pharmacist continuing education credit. Providing MSHP membership with CE opportunities in the newsletter fulfilled a significant strategic planning initiative this year.

The MSHP Newsletter Committee would like to thank all who contributed content to the MSHP Newsletter over the last year. Additionally, none of this year’s success could have happened without the following Newsletter Committee members: Sarah Cook (vice-chair), Hannah Pope, and Laura Challen. Their hard work and dedication to producing a high-quality MSHP Newsletter is much appreciated!

Again, I want to thank everyone for all of their hard work in making this past year a success. Without you, nothing would have been possible!!

Jeremy Hampton
Immediate Past-President MSHP

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