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March/April 2018 - Regulatory Updates

28 Mar 2018 9:16 AM | Anonymous

Author: Amy Benson, PharmD, MHA
MSHP Public Policy Committee Chair / Director of Pharmacy at Liberty Hospital

The MSHP Public Policy Committee discussed the work the Hospital Advisory committee (HAC) has been completing with the Board of Pharmacy, Department of Health and Senior Services and Missouri Hospital Association (MHA).  Senate bill 501 required the removal of duplicative language from the DHSS regulations.  The HAC submitted its recommendations in December to remove several sections that are covered by CMS language and also provided additional language for expanded pharmacy technician roles.  The HAC continues to have conversations with the Board of Pharmacy to assist in moving this language through the regulation process.

Another group is working with the Board of Pharmacy on revising the rules related to sterile compounding for pharmacies licensed under a Class H license.  A recommendation has been provided to the board to clarify the steps to take if/when compounding should cease based upon CFU counts exceeding USP 797 action levels.  The group will continue to work with the board to ensure public safety is improved while limiting the potential delays to patient care.

Several bills have been introduced in both the House and Senate that apply to pharmacy practice in the state.

SB 1068 – Establishes regulations for the duties of pharmacy technicians in a hospital setting.  The sponsor is Senator Sater and had the first read on 2/28/18.  (http://www.senate.mo.gov/18info/BTS_Web/Bill.aspx?SessionType=R&BillID=76743872)

HB 1618 – Disposal of unused controlled substances.  The sponsor is Representative Barnes and is awaiting a 3rd reading.  https://house.mo.gov/bill.aspx?bill=HB1618&year=2018&code=R)

SB 826 – Modifies provisions relating to pharmacy, including drug disposal, prescription limitations for controlled substance, and vaccine protocols.  The sponsor is Senator Sater and has passed.  http://www.senate.mo.gov/18info/BTS_Web/Bill.aspx?SessionType=R&BillID=70365560)

HB 1870 – Allows certain medications in multidose containers used by a patient during a hospital stay to be sent with the patient at discharge.  The sponsor is Representative Barnes and has passed.  https://house.mo.gov/bill.aspx?bill=HB1870&year=2018&code=R)

HB 1542 – Prohibits certain actions by pharmacy benefits managers.  Sponsor is Representative Morris and a public hearing has been completed.  https://house.mo.gov/bill.aspx?bill=HB1542&year=2018&code=R)

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