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Missouri Board of Pharmacy News by Bert McClary

25 Jul 2017 11:13 AM | Deleted user

The Board of Pharmacy held an additional open session on June 23 due to the additional  burden of reviewing all current rules, and also met on the scheduled date of July 12.

  • A Governor’s task force is evaluating all current health boards and agencies. Outcomes could include reducing agency oversight or consolidating agencies.
  • Extended discussions were held at both meetings regarding possible legislation that will define 3 categories of support and technician personnel. The June discussion included opposition by community pharmacists based on unnecessary training requirements, cost of training, unproven patient care benefit and displacement of pharmacists. Several hospital pharmacists provided supporting comments based on current practices and known patient care benefit. The Missouri Hospital Association is supportive and has discussed with Board staff a hospital-only option. All agree that a united proposal by all pharmacy practice areas is necessary for legislative success. At the July meeting the Board agreed to propose legislation for the 2017-2018 legislative session. A revised draft will be prepared to address age requirements, nuclear training, advanced technician requirements and other issues. Legislative proposals must be submitted to the Governor’s office by August 1st.
  • A specific time was made available for public comment on any of the Board’s current rules as required by the Governor’s office. The rule review process continues to focus on eliminating unnecessary rules and language, and reducing the usage of “must, shall or may” by 33%.
  • The Nuclear Pharmacy rule is very outdated and recommended changes will be made, but will probably be held until after implementation of a proposed USP 825 chapter on nuclear pharmacy.
  • A draft new rule on supervision of technicians includes language on activities that may be performed when the pharmacist is temporarily absent. There continues to be confusion regarding technician supervision in hospital inpatient and Class B hospital shared space. Language regarding remote supervision of technicians may also be added.
  • An extended discussion of remote technician supervision focused primarily on hospital and health system needs, including onsite remote supervision of sterile compounding and offsite supervision of techs in small rural hospitals. Current terms such as telepharmacy and telehealth need to be defined. It was agreed to continue a discussion focused on all aspects of final verification of prescriptions/medication orders, including tech-check-tech and supervision of a remote retail pharmacy staffed by a technician, considering technology, credentials and qualifications of the technician.
  • It was agreed to remove CE requirements from the Administration by Prescription Order rule due to lack of available CE for routes of administration other than immunizations.
  • A planned Opioid Conference with the Board of Healing Arts has been postponed and a Patient Safety Conference may be held later in the fall.
  • A revised Practice Guide will be available soon, but the Class B Hospital Pharmacy Practice Guide will be delayed due to expected legislation that may affect certain hospital licensing rules, including the meaning of licensed premises.
  • The Sterile Compounding Working Group received extensive written comments and in person comments at the June meeting on proposed rule changes related to garbing, environmental monitoring and expiration dating. They will continue to review these.
  • MSHP is regularly represented at BOP meetings by several members who provide public comment, and their interest and expertise is recognized by the Board. Additional members are encouraged to attend. The next regularly scheduled open session will be October 25.

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