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Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy Spring Semester Updates (UMKC - School of Pharmacy)

20 Jul 2020 1:59 PM | Anonymous
By: Brianna Chambers, PharmD Candidate 2022; UMKC SSHP President - Columbia and Samuel Halleck, PharmD Candidate 2022; UMKC SSHP President – Kansas City

UMKC’s SSHP chapter had a challenging but strong spring semester. In February, KCHP and KU School of Pharmacy invited us to join their Pharmacy Forecast Workshop. Students learned about emerging healthcare trends and future opportunities of pharmacy practice. Groups discussed and came up with possible solutions to current practice problems involving electronic health records, Big Data, and payment reform. We had 80 members of the UMKC SSHP chapter attend this wonderful collaborative event.

This year in Springfield, SSHP members participated in various outreach initiatives including organizing an organ donor drive for students at Missouri State University and a legislative outreach campaign during COVID-19. Springfield’s Project Committee member Brandon Cole created materials explaining how to register for organ donation online. Springfield student members Zach Hitchcock and Amelia Godfrey organized a legislative calling campaign in partnership with APhA-ASP which included an informational session about the joint report released in March and ways students can contact their legislators. Next year, incoming Springfield Liaison Mariah Berg plans to focus on expanding community outreach by increasing member involvement with the Project Committee and finding new events/programs to teach the community about initiatives like Vial of Life.

Columbia's SSHP membership saw tremendous growth in participation over the past school year. Our members were excited about the opportunities to learn and lead in health systems pharmacy. We had a record level of involvement from students at events including general meetings, Residency Roundtable, and Pharmacy Forecast. Residency Roundtable was a highlight for the Columbia campus this year. We had 17 students in attendance as well as 6 residency program directors and residents.

We held our monthly general meetings throughout the semester with visiting speakers who shared their experiences working as health-system pharmacists. One noteworthy speaker we had was Gina Luchan, who was previously the 2018-2019 Executive Fellow in Association Leadership and Management. Luchan now serves as the Director of Academic Programs at ASHP. She presented on Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) and empowered our students to play a role in improving patient outcomes in acute and ambulatory care settings. As pharmacy students, we want to help our current and future patients achieve optimal health outcomes by ensuring safe and effective medication use. One way we can do this is by learning about practice advancement opportunities during our time in pharmacy school. For many of the attendees, this was their first time hearing of PAI and enjoyed learning how they could make a difference.

During the week of final exams, our SSHP chapter talked to our students about maintaining their well-being and resilience through the power of social media. SSHP used Facebook to reach out to pharmacy students to promote ASHP’s initiative to encourage pharmacy resiliency. Topics included positive thinking, setting goals, and creatively solving problems among others.

The executive team is gearing up for our main events in the fall. Residency program directors should be on the lookout for their invitation to attend Residency Roundtable. The events will take place at each of the following UKMC campuses: Kansas City, Columbia, and Springfield. Our clinical skills competition and membership drive are planned for the fall as well. We acknowledge that conditions outside of our control may affect our ability to hold any or all of these events. We will notify all appropriate parties of any schedule changes.

We understand that this has been a challenging year. We are thankful for your involvement with SSHP and hope you’re staying safe and healthy! All three campuses are excited to jump into the new school year in August and see our chapter grow, serve, and learn.

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