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Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy Spring Semester Updates (STLCOP)

20 Jul 2020 1:23 PM | Anonymous

St. Louis College of Pharmacy

By: Lauren Busch, STLCOP SSHP President and Maram Hamdan, STLCOP SSHP President-Elect; PharmD Candidates 2022

The St. Louis College of Pharmacy SSHP had a successful 2019-2020 school year despite the challenges presented by COVID-19 in the spring semester. The STLCOP SSHP held several residency preparation events including: the Introduction to Residency and CV 101 seminars led by faculty member Dr. Jack Burke; the Resident Roundtable with residents from all over the St. Louis area; and the Residency-Focused Mentorship Program events which continued to be expanded. The Residency-Focused Mentorship Program, which is a mentorship program between pre-professional students and students early in the pharmacy program (P1’s) and students later in the program (P2’s and P3’s), received the SSHP Outstanding Professional Development Project Award and was presented at the 2019 Midyear Clinical Meeting Student Society Showcase.

STLCOP SSHP worked with other student organizations on volunteering events including BooFest with JDRF and the other student organizations on campus, the Washington University Health Fair with STLCOP APhA-ASP, National Kidney Foundation kidney screenings with SNPhA, and tie blanket making events for local cancer patients hosted by SSHP. On Halloween, STLCOP SSHP held a Poison Control Lunch and Learn led by the SSM Health Director of Poison Control, Dr. Julie Weber, and students learned about the possibility of a rotation at the Missouri Poison Control Center and a career in this field.

The STLCOP SSHP held Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) Week the week of February 24th and held several events during this week, including an APPE Student Panel during which P4 students explained how activities they completed during their rotations relate to the PAI pillars. Students were able to ask the P4s questions about rotations, applying for residencies, and tips for the future.

The Innovation and Development Committee introduced a new seminar, Combating Burnout in Healthcare Professionals Seminar, led by guest speaker Vicki Good, who shared her research on burnout and taught students about the prevalence of burnout for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Although several events, including the Residency Director’s Roundtable, were cancelled due to COVID-19, STLCOP SSHP was able to hold a virtual CV review session for students with the help of STLCOP faculty and local StLSHP members. STLCOP SSHP is eager to host events for students once again in the fall.

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