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MSHP Annual Report of Organization Activities

03 Aug 2021 10:22 AM | MSHP Office (Administrator)

By: Sarah Cook, Pharm.D., BCPS; SSM Health St. Joseph’s Hospital – St. Charles

Although the 2020-2021 year brought many new challenges to MSHP due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors and committees still accomplished a lot!  Read below to hear about all of the accomplishments from the last year.

Board of Directors and Strategic Plan
The Board of Directors got several things accomplished this year.  We finalized restructuring our communications by electing our first secretary-elect.  We began working to increase technician involvement in our organization by reinstituting and electing a technician liaison.  We embraced the virtual environment the pandemic created and updated our strategic plan, hosted a midyear reception, held Spring Meeting, and completed a 2 year internal audit – all virtually.  We also increased our advocacy by signing on to numerous initiatives with ASHP.  We ended our year together by fully reviewing and updating the policy and procedures manual.

Despite approving the Strategic Plan in December 2020, MSHP accomplished many items on the Strategic Plan this year! This is directly attributed to the hard work of our committee chairs and members. The Strategic Plan has three priority areas:

  1. Improving patient care through education and practice advancement
  2. Membership growth and enhancement
  3. Organization and performance

The Public Policy Committee formed several task forces to advocate for pharmacist provider status in Missouri. A total of 17 MSHP members attended the MSHP Webinar during the 2021 Virtual Legislative Day. The Education and Newsletter Committees implemented a peer review process for Featured Clinical Topics published in the MSHP Newsletter. The Education Committee and New Practitioner Workgroup produced a number of educational webinars for pharmacists and technicians. The Membership Committee established a database to identify gaps in membership and invite new/lapsed members to join MSHP. The Newsletter and Website/Social Media Committees developed a public relations policy to ensure consistent processes and messaging is communicated through media outlets.

The Education and Programming Committees have continued to provide high-quality content for the MSHP membership through hosting webinars for pharmacists and technicians and a successful spring meeting earlier this year. So far, the Education committee has hosted two webinars and is currently working to host a third in August. The committee also partnered with the Newsletter committee to provide peer review for featured clinical articles as of January 2021, which has provided additional support for authors and increased quality of articles for MSHP members. The Programming committee collaborated with ICHP this year to host another successful virtual spring meeting that provided pharmacists and technicians a place to gather, network, and earn CE hours. Looking to the year ahead, the programming committee is excited to partner with KCHP to host the Spring 2022 (in person!) meeting.

The Membership Committee has continued to partner with administrative services to assist in the recruitment of new MSHP members and the retention of current members throughout this past year.  In order to maintain a current membership list for MSHP, the Membership Committee collaborated with affiliate chapter liaisons across the state of Missouri. Recruitment efforts have been a focus this year, with outreach to potential members for active, associate, retired, recent graduates, technician and student categories. Once recruited, each new member was sent a personalized welcome message from the committee. The Membership Committee assisted in the creation, distribution, and the analysis of results of the annual membership survey in Fall 2020. The committee has been working throughout the year on building a database to establish contacts in Missouri hospital pharmacy departments for the purpose of on-site promotion of membership activities. The committee has also been engaged in the evaluation of the diversity of MSHP’s membership, the discussion of avenues to generate revenue for MSHP, and the development of listservs for specialty practice areas to increase opportunities for collaboration. The Membership Committee was excited to experience growth with the addition of 5 new members over the past year and looks forward to strengthening further relations with its membership in the future! 

The Newsletter Committee has continued to provide high-quality content for the MSHP membership through collaboration with students, residents, and pharmacists throughout Missouri.  Throughout the issues this year, there were 22 featured clinical articles and 10 pharmacist continuing education articles, as well as various articles regarding public policy, MSHP updates, and other topics.  The committee partnered with the Education Committee to start providing peer review for featured clinical articles in January 2021, which has been successful thus far and well received by authors.  The committee has also been engaged in conversations regarding public relations, and looks forward to further streamlining requests for content included in the newsletter in the following year!

Public Policy
2020-2021 was an extremely busy year for the Public Policy Committee, as we saw the culmination of many years of effort.  Missouri is no longer the only state in the nation without a PDMP!  Hospital based Tech Check Tech was approved by the Board of Pharmacy and rules are being written by DHSS.  The Legislative Day was a resounding success, adding to various other advocacy efforts and presentations from throughout the year.  In addition to all of the ‘normal’ work, the committee served the role of disseminating information during the pandemic…everything from regulatory waivers and PPE guidance to staffing discussions and COVID vaccination strategies.  As always, the exceptional, engaged members of the committee proved the value of MSHP again and again. 

Website/Social Media
This year, the committee focused on website improvements and increasing social media presence. Significant updates to the website were completed and include a policy section, past presidents’ section, and updated CE program information. Website updates are ongoing and members may see more significant changes over the summer months! The committee also provided extensive social media posts as MSHP celebrated its 50th anniversary, highlighting MSHP’s “50 Favorite Things” and creating a video looking back on the history of the organization. The committee ended the term year with 165 Facebook posts related to member successes, health topics, policy updates, and MSHP events.  This years’ social media efforts increased MSHP’s Facebook member engagement by 67%, and our newly-established Twitter and Instagram accounts have over 100 followers on each platform! Come join us today on Facebook (Missouri Society of Health System Pharmacists), Instagram (missouripharmacists) and Twitter (@Mopharmacists) as we continue to explore new, innovative ways to engage and inform our members.

MSHP would like to thank all of the board members and committee chairs from 2020-2021 for all of their excellent work, and we look forward to everything MSHP will accomplish in the coming year!  If you would like to get more involved in MSHP through joining a committee, go to http://moshp.com/Committees.

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