Contribution Levels

Sponsors (Greater than $2500)  earn an R&E Foundation glass award with certificate

Contributors ($1001 - $2500)   earn an R&E Foundation glass award with certificatePatrons ($501-$1000)                earn an R&E Foundation glass award with certificateSupporters ($101-$500)             earn an R&E Foundation lapel pin with certificate Donors ($26-$100)                     earn an R&E Foundation coffee mug with certificate Friends (Up to $25)                    earn a donor certificate

Contributors 2014-2015 Fiscal Year

Many thanks to our contributors in the 2014-2015 fiscal year!  Every Member. Every the theme of the R&E Foundation's annual pledge campaign.  When every member contributes a small sum, the outcome will be significant. MSHP members and supporters have helped the MSHP R&E Foundation reach nearly 40% of its annual fundraising goal[updated 03/18/2015]


Thomas Garrison
Daniel Good
Douglas Lang
John Ponzillo


Olivia M Meyer-Tettambel
Karrie Derenski 
Paul Juang 
Michael E Carr 
Thomas Zlatic 
Sarah A. Boyd 
Davina Dell-Steinbeck
Daniel Good
Genevieve Smith
Andrew J Smith
Carla Zielmann
Kenneth Peterman
Laura Butkievich
Jacklyn A. Harris
Diane McClaskey
Austin Campbell
CJ Peters
Joseph A Cameron


Joshua Holland
Christina Stafford
David Wolfrath
Megan Musselman
Marianna Fedorenko
Kori L. Hess
Jennifer Catlin

Pledge Card

Donate online or download the pledge card if you are interested in donating to the R&E Foundation.

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